Backstory of Baldur Thru-arniumEdit

This is not complete. I will be including a series of articles as to how Baldur came to join the Black Wolves. However it will take time.Edit

Written by BlackWolfOfTheBorderMountains

Origin: From a small town called Alurin from the far eastern plains of Gwendlyn.

Father: Baldur’s father, Hexalibar Thru-arnium, works as a contract assassin that spends long periods of time away from home. However, when his father is home between contracts he teaches his arts to Baldur. Many of which include skills with small blades and the ability to move without being seen or heard in a village, town or city.

Mother:  Because of her husband’s long periods of absence, Hether Thru-arnium has to spend most of the day and night working. His pay isn’t enough to supply both herself and her son. Especially with the prices raising due to the increase of bandits in the area and the trade with other towns in the area decreasing. Because of the in-sufficient funds, Hether has to sell herself into prostitution every night so that she can earn extra money to be able to supplement the food in the house every month. During the day, she works relentlessly as a laundry woman for the town to be able to earn even more money.

Cousin: Neaefin Dawnstalker is a hunter by trade. His mother (died in childbirth) only knew the father for one night. Born a bastard Neaefin was despised and lived the life of an outcast. Because of this Neaefin, commonly known as Dawn, taught himself to hunt, becoming proficient with the bow and knowledge of stealth in heavily forested areas. He taught Baldur how to hunt and to live of the land. Acting as a second father to Baldur (Being 12 years older) he spent most of his time with Baldur because of his relation as family.


-          Proficient at archery. But is not the best because of more time spent practicing the skills his father taught him.

-          Proficient at bladed weapons that are generally held in one hand.

o   His best weapon of choice is to use two daggers.

o   Throwing knives is his most proficient skill out of all of his skills of combat.