Notice Board

As articles come out, we will notify people here. If any other major announcements are to be made they will be made on this page.

The Moon rises soon and the night will howl as the Black Wolf becomes known once again.

Sorry Guys!

I haven't actually been able to upload anything as of yet. This due to medical issues happening in the family (surgery among other operations). I have had little time to actually sit down and write. However a map is drawn. I am just finalising the detail because I had a change of mind as to what I wanted. The first article of this journal is about 3/4 done as of tonight. Close to 600 words. I can confirm that by the 07-08-2016 there will be the first article and the map will be sometime up by the 04-08-2016 around the 11:00-11:30 pm'ish time of the day.

The First is out

I have released the first article before the previously said date. 1. A Clashing of Swords is now out :) enjoy!

The map however will be up tonight sorry for that inconvenience. :(

Sorry for not having a map out!

I Promise I will get around to it soon. I just haven't had the time to st down and draw on my computer, I've mainly only been able to write on the fly or at places other than home.

A Backstory is out.

A backstory for Baldur Thru-arnium is out :) Enjoy.

Just to let you know

I wont be able to stick to "the once a week" for the time being. This is because of personal issues going on in my life (will not expand). To reconcile this I will just release articles as they are written.

Wisp911 Here! Started Contribution!

I'm working on the backstory page for Naefia the second named character introduced in 1. A Clashing of Swords. I'm sure I will put up actual content on the page soon other than 'doing work on this one'.